Pre Shampoo Treatment – Promote hair growth and healthy scalp

You will need:

  • 3 leaves of aloe vera
  • coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • olive oil
  • wide tooth comb
  • empty bottle (small)
  • empty bowl
  • brush


  • Take the aloe vera leaves. With a knife peel off the green skin to remove the gel.Put all the gel in a blender and mixed it well.Add the crushed gel in a clean bowl (container A).
  • In the empty bottle (container B), add:
    • 1 tbsp of olive
    • 1 tbsp of castor oil
    • 1 tbsp of coconut oil
    • 1 tbsp of crushed gel

Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients.

  • Use the wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. Then seperate your hair into 4 sections. 
  • On one section of hair, use the brush to apply the crushed gel (container A) on your hair and scalp. Detangle your hair while applying the gel. Repeat this step for the 3 other sections. 
  • On one section of hair, apply the mixture in the bottle (container B) on your scalp. Detangle your hair while applying the mixture. 
  • Leave the products in your hair for 30 minutes.
  • Wash your hair as usual. Wash each section seperately to remove all the aloe vera gel.



3 Natural oils that promote hair growth

Hello ladies! In this short article, I will give examples of natural oils that promote hair growth along with their benefits for your hair. I will talk about only oils that I used. I know that there are other oils. I want to share only oils that i used because I know that it works as I tested it on my hair.

Examples of oils:

  • Castor oil:
    • soothe dry, itchy scalp
    • prevent hair breakage
    • moisturize the hair
    • strengthen hair strands

  • Coconut oil:
    • eliminate dandruff and dryness
    • prevent hair breakage
    • keep hair moisturized
    • promote shiny, silky hair
  • Olive oil:
    • moisturize and nourish the hair
    • restore hair shine and vitality
    • repair split ends
    • promote shiny, silky hair



You can use one or more oils on your hair. The most important thing is to apply the oil on your scalp. The healthy your scalp will be, the faster your hair will grow. So, apply the oil at least 2 times every week to avoid dry scalp and dandruff.




My transitioning hair experience from the 1st to 12th month

1st – 3rd month

The first 3 months, I was excited to see my new hair growth and was ready to transition for 36 months, that is, 3 years. I did not know what hair products to use, so I used the same hair products that I was using for my relaxed hair. My hair grown fast during the first 3 months. It was a great motivation for me. I started to watch “big chop” videos so as to see how my hair would look if i chopped earlier.

The greatest error that I have done, was to straight my hair about every 2-3 weeks. I did not know anything about damaged hair due to excess heat. Fortunately due to my studies, I did not have enough time to straight my hair every week.

4th – 6th month

When i reached 4th month, i started to see my natural hair texture. However, i started to hate my hair. It was difficult for me to do hairstyles that i used to make with my relaxed hair. My hair started to suffer from breakage. I had to trim my hair every month due to my damaged hair end. For me, between the 4th and 7th month, it was the hardest months for me to take care of my hair. I was still using products like shampoo and oil  for relaxed hair and, that could be the reason why I was not able to take care of my hair and why my hair grown slowly, not like during the first three months.

7th – 10th month

I stopped using the hair oil that I used to. I bought a coconut oil of “Eazy Waves” for natural hair. With that new product, I was able to better comb and detangle my hair easily than during the 4th, 5th and 6th month. My hair grown fast like during the first three months. i was able to clearly see my natural hair type, that is, a mixed of 4a and 4b. I started to love my natural hair and started to hate my relaxed hair. I trimmed my hair regularly. I decided to transition for 30 months as my hair grown fast.

11th month

I was excited as I knew that I would reach my first goal, that is, 1 year post-relaxer. I was in love with my natural hair. I stopped using shampoo that i used to. I started to use herbal shampoo and conditioner containing jojoba oil for natural hair of “Eazy Waves”. My hair continued to grow fast and I had to learn new hairstyles as my natural hair got longer.

12th month

I was so happy for reaching my first goal. I wanted to do my big chop because i was in love with my natural hair. Fortunately, I did not chop as my natural hair was still too short for me. I used the same products, that is, the coconut oil, shampoo and conditioner of “Eazy Waves”. I decided to transition for only 24 months because my hair grown really fast in only one year. (However I do not know if I will chop at 2 years post-relaxer, but for now it’s my new goal.)