3 Natural oils that promote hair growth

Hello ladies! In this short article, I will give examples of natural oils that promote hair growth along with their benefits for your hair. I will talk about only oils that I used. I know that there are other oils. I want to share only oils that i used because I know that it works as I tested it on my hair.

Examples of oils:

  • Castor oil:
    • soothe dry, itchy scalp
    • prevent hair breakage
    • moisturize the hair
    • strengthen hair strands

  • Coconut oil:
    • eliminate dandruff and dryness
    • prevent hair breakage
    • keep hair moisturized
    • promote shiny, silky hair
  • Olive oil:
    • moisturize and nourish the hair
    • restore hair shine and vitality
    • repair split ends
    • promote shiny, silky hair



You can use one or more oils on your hair. The most important thing is to apply the oil on your scalp. The healthy your scalp will be, the faster your hair will grow. So, apply the oil at least 2 times every week to avoid dry scalp and dandruff.





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